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The Heart of Darkness

This article was first published on September 28th, 2004 in National Review Online A Voice from the Joyless Generation out of the Heart of Darkness   I read the papers in Paris: another man has

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Tehran – Jerusalem Axis

“Tehran – Jerusalem Axis”, hereby published for the first time, was presented at the Library of Congress on April 8th, 2014. “The Jewish people and the Iranian people have a very long history and are

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It’s About the Enemy, Mister President!

A Persian plea to the man elected to “bring back the American dream” This article was first published in The Times Of Israel on November 14, 2016    Your Excellency, Mister President-Elect Donald Trump! I

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The Necessary Return of Iran

[Op-ed written in June 2017… are rejected by all major US newspapers to which it was submitted] Debriefed on the latest Iranian elections by his US and European colleagues, an alien correspondent on earth reporting

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Shut up Mister Coelho!

The renowned Brazilian author has recently taken the liberty to insult a prominent Persian personality and the rising patriotic Iranian Protests against the criminal sect ruling our country. His January 4th insulting tweet reads as

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